BATTERIES: All Automotive Batteries Bonnells Bay

We offer a wide range of low-maintenance car batteries, as well as a selection of marine battery products and deep cycle battery selections.



All Automotive Batteries automotive batteries are engineered with a cutting-edge technology providing reliable assurance of its superior performance and convenience. It offers the widest range of Maintenance Free and Low-maintenance automotive batteries. Maintenance Free Battery: All Automotive Batteries maintenance-free automotive batteries are designed using the advanced technology that can withstand the extreme driving conditions in Australia. The unique composition of the EXG calcium plates extends the battery’s shelf or useful life and significantly reduces water loss. No need to top-up water, truly a “FIT and FORGET” battery.


All Automotive Batteries Batteries continues to lead in technology, product performance, reliability and warranty coverage. Its 4WD battery range is available in sizes to suit various models of 4WD vehicles and powered with Expanded Calcium Grid Technology.


Truck Accessible Battery: The Truck Master range is especially designed to handle the worst conditions Australia can throw at it. The innovative way we use an Antimony Positive plate and the Calcium Negative plate ensures that the battery can run longer and accept a better charge rate than other batteries, resulting in Industry Leading Durability.


Marine Maintenance Free Battery: All Automotive Batteries marine starting battery range has been among the leading marine batteries through the years. Powered with the Expanded Grid Technology (EXG), the SeaMaster gives boating enthusiasts the power needed to meet the demands of their marine application and the heavy pounding of the rough seas.


All Automotive Batteries starting plus deep cycle batteries are used for a vast number of purposes to suit the needs of the consumers. The difference is how much power is delivered and how long it needs to be delivered. All Automotive Batteries deep cycle batteries provide power to electrical accessories, such as lights, trolling motors or winches. It is built to provide a low, but steady level of power for a longer period of time.


All Automotive Batteries starting and deep cycle batteries are designed for more than starting, better able to sustain constant accessory loads. Powered by Expanded Calcium Grid (EXG) Technology, it can tolerate high temperature, resist vibration and provide high cranking power and reserve capacity.